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The first book review is in!

Te Awa Review

We’ve been talking a lot about Just Cause and Effect since launch and we can’t tell you what a relief it is this week to give someone else a go!

You can check out Dave Kennedy’s full review in Te Awa Magazine here, but this is the summary of my favourite bits.

“I am often sceptical when a single element is promoted as the vital ingredient that will save us all, but this book is not written in an evangelistic style. It provides a well-researched summary of each area that is worth reading for that alone. Selenium is now much more accessible through our access to imported food, but a lack of the element clearly had an impact on our collective health and continues to do so. It is also reasonable to assume that our inequitable food supply and shift to more processed foods could contribute to lower selenium levels for many.

The negative impact on our general health and wellbeing through a lack of selenium is well documented in medical science. This book doesn’t attempt to prove the extent that a lack of selenium impacts on us, but Hailes and Nally have provided enough evidence to show that a greater awareness of the element’s importance and more research would have value.” – Dave Kennedy.

Just Cause and Effect: Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand, perfect as summer reading or the gift that keeps on giving.

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