Just Cause and Effect

1 Snakes & Ladders

In the OCED Board Game of Snakes and Ladder, New Zealand is on a losing streak.

Since it was established in 1961 New Zealand has increasingly topped the charts on the wrong side of the OECD ledger, as scientific and mainstream media catalogue a rising tide of cot death, suicide, cancer, heart disease – even obesity.

Ill-thrift is an old veterinary diagnosis applied to animals that should have been thriving but weren’t. A puzzling “something’s wrong but we quite can’t quite put our finger on it.”

A diagnosis the ever-pragmatic Les Hailes says is totally applicable for our country – and it’s the premise of Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand.

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The one book every New Zealander should read this year – it may just change your life. 

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