Plan to succeed


Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand was written with one very clear intention in mind – to provide accurate, accessible information to New Zealanders.

Getting the message across is why we chose to write a genre defying book, with big print and clear graphics.

Its always exciting when a good plan comes to fruition.

Every industry is co-opted differently by its market leaders. As a customer that’s difficult to see – as a wholesaler it’s day-glow barrier. There are single topic books about cancer, asthma, fertility, life-expectancy, food, nutrition, geography – but no category for this kind of giant step back that looks not at the trees, but the whole forest.

And that makes sales and marketing difficult. Because if there is no category, then surely there are no readers? We have heard a lot from retailers about why their customers won’t be interested in our book.

Despite that Just Cause and Effect, from an indie publisher at the bottom of the world with a tiny budget, continues to find readers – and the readers it finds continue to multiply – just as we planned.

Last week we processed an online order for seven copies, it stood out because normally we’re selling in single units online. When we emailed the shipping advisory, we got this reply:

“My Dad loves your book, reckons it’s changed his life at 71yr! These are for all his friends & to lend to people to spread the knowledge! Thank you!”

We were chuffed even before we realised, this isn’t the first; second; third; or even the fourth time a single reader has turned into a bulk buyer.

In fact, when we look back, it’s been the pattern right from the start.

Jesse was going to miss the launch of Just Cause and Effect at The Pantry in Invercargill, so she became our first buyer an hour before launch. A week later Jesse returned to buy a second copy for a friend, then a third for the medical library in the hospital where she worked.

Which begs the question – have you ever read a book that had such an impact you immediately went out and bought seven more copies?

If you read only one book this year, Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand should be it. After all, Jesse swears by it. And David, and Simon, and Paul, and John, and Terry, and now, Carina’s Dad.