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Selenium Chemistry

14. Selenium Matters

Selenium chemistry has some pretty cool properties even without the essential mineral status which makes it so vital for our health.

As a seri-metalloid – it has properties of both mineral and metal.

Selenium’s resistance to the flow of electricity is greatly affected by the amount of light shining on it, the brighter the light, the better it conducts electricity. That’s why its in demand in computing and electronics.

Those strange properties coupled with its unequal distribution in the world’s crust are behind a theory that selenium is not an earthly element at all, rather one which hitchhiked in on the meteorites that bought life to earth.

And it’s got its own chapter in Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand, because well Chemistry Matters and it’s fascinating.

If you read only one book this year, Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand should be it. Even if you don’t live in New Zealand, you can buy it here.

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