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Spinning yarns with Sian

Spinning yarns with Sian

This week Amanda Nally is thrilled to be talking selenium, publishing and more with Sian Mair on Spinning Yarns with Sian.

Sian is the founder of Sea Society, a proven environmental advocate, who successfully championed the issue of vehicles on beaches and is now tackling broader, equally as important issues, on her own radio show.

The book Amanda Nally co-authored with Les Hailes, Just Cause and Effect, is primarily about the impacts of Selenium Deficiency across a gamut of specific human health issues, it also illustrates the disconnect between science and common sense.

According to Amanda, that disconnect can be measured in time. And it’s about 20 years.

The clock starts not when a discovery is proposed, but only once it’s actually proven in a series of peer reviewed studies and accepted as scientific fact …  from then it’s about 20 years before an idea fights its way out of academic knowledge and into the mainstream.

It’s a time lag she’s seen time and time again  – and the reason Les Hailes wanted to tell his story in a book aimed at lay-readers.

A time lag that social media should have made easier, but in practice the new truth which once stood quietly ignored in the corner, now finds itself a baby turtle on a beach, battling a tide of fake news as the prey birds circle. What chance does truth have when the meme friendly lies are just so damn comfortable?

Spinning Yarns with Sian airs on Radioone 91fm at midday on Thursday November 10 and can be streamed here.

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