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Pretty in Pink

pav deconstructed

 We were delighted the Pavlova Press team said yes to Amanda Nally’s little poem, Pavlova Paradox for their anthology.

Even more so when we read of the illustrious company she’s keeping between the pages of this coffee table paean to New Zealand’s favourite dessert.

Pav Deconstructed has more than 170 individual pieces of art and text, including cartoons, photos, paintings and prints, poems, true stories, not-so-true stories, plays, charts, quotes and newspaper clippings. Even a song for the ukulele apparently!

While the bulk of the content is from artists and writers who responded to a call for submissions, it also includes some previously published works nailed the brief so perfectly. Work from greats like Dick FrizzellSoon-Lee Spicer,  Rebecca Hawkes   and  Michael Symons .

Regardless of how many times you’re published, nothing beats the validation when peers judge your words print-worthy.

Where can you get your hands on a copy of Pav Deconstructed of your own?  Yes, it’ll be in stores but if you pre-order now via Pledge Me  you can rest easy that you’ve got Christmas covered.

Display it, read it, gift it … do all three. 

And look. It’s pink!