Just Cause and Effect

Just Cause and Effect

The story of the Green Revolution that changed the world and made a nation sick.

Take away what you were taught; what you read; what you were told; what you heard … and what you are left with is the beginning of what you can claim to know.

Frighteningly little isn’t it?

For more than seven years I spoke to experts in farming, chemistry, microbiology, food science, micronutrients, soil mapping medicine and history. I’ve attended seminars, I’ve read (extensively) – all because one man had a theory.

A quite compelling theory as it turned out.

Les Hailes was “just a dumb farmer” looking for a writer, having noticed a pattern of events that needed expounding. Once he even travelled to Otago University medical school to share his thoughts – no-one scoffed at his ideas, instead what they said was: “you should write a paper.”

Just Cause and Effect  is that paper.

A summary of the sensibly-peer reviewed works of the doctors, scientists, researchers and thinkers from many disciplines who have been studying and publishing articles for decades, often in the kind of lofty periodicals you and I find difficult to access.

Such evidence-based science contrasts the summary of public opinions and policy clipped from mainstream New Zealand media during the past 30 years.

I’ve included both here, for balance where balance is necessary, and to shine a light on the disturbing disconnect between academic and public knowledge.

With a little help from vested-interest marketing we have been encouraged to interpret science as an open and closed book of known facts.

The truth couldn’t be more different.