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Time to Care

Time To Care

How to Love Your Patients and Your Job

First published in 2012 by Rebel Heart Publishing we were extremely proud to edit Time to Care How to Love Your Patients and Your Job by Dr Robin Youngson.

This is the most gripping, deeply poignant and relevant book that I have read for many years. If you just read one book this year – make it this one. You and your patients will forever be indebted to Robin and his inspirational work. Robin is a transformational leader and this book will quickly and incisively remind you why you entered healthcare in the first place.

Through a rigorous review of the evidence Robin helps us understand that healing is so much more than providing technically competent care. Our patients’ experiences and clinical outcomes will be enhanced, our risk of burnout or litigation reduced and our job satisfaction considerably improved if we work together to provide compassionate care. The evidence is now too compelling for any of us to ignore. I warmly commend this book to you.

Dr Alys Cole-King, Consultant Psychiatrist, Founder of ‘U Can Cope’ suicide prevention movement.