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Just Cause and Effect
The Biology of Selenium

“This work revealed structures that had never before been seen, some of which are unique in all of biology.” – Professor Paul Copeland

14. Selenium Matters
Selenium Chemistry

Selenium chemistry has some pretty cool properties even without the essential mineral status which makes it so vital for our…

Plan to succeed

“My Dad loves your book, reckons it’s changed his life at 71yr! These are for all his friends & to lend to people to spread the knowledge! Thank you!”

3. Green Revolution
Green Revolution

Today when we talk about the Green Revolution it’s as an environmental response to corporate greed – a call to…

Read Kiwi Books

A sobering fact landed in the inbox last week – that NZ fiction accounts for just 5 percent of the…

2. Avian Nation
Avian Nation

Biogeography is both a relatively new branch of science and a very old one. It looks at why plants and…