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Because self praise is faint praise

Here’s what Dr Ashley Bloomfield,  Te Tumo Whakarae mo te Hauroa, Director-General of Health had to say in 2021 about  Just Cause and Effect – Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand 

“Thank you for highlighting this research. As part of its sector leadership role the Ministry monitors international evidence and best practice to inform changes in health care. We look forward with interest to seeing this research develop over the coming years.”     

In a review of Te Awa  magazine in Spring 2021, Dave Kennedy wrote:

“Invercargill-based journalist Amanda Nally applied her research and writing skills to add the flesh to the bones of Haile’s theory and the resulting book is both educational and absorbing read.”

Other feedback was more succinct.

“It is an amazing read.”  L J Guenole, Kumara Junction

“I am already enjoying reading the book. A must read for everyone!!!” –  Jill Ludemann

“Finally, I give thanks to Amanda Nally of Write Answers, my editor and chief cheerleader.  She had the wisdom to pull apart TIME TO CARE where it needed reshaping and to give lavish praise for the bits she loved.” –  Dr Robin Youngson author of Time to Care – How to love your patients and your your job published in 2012.

“This is dedicated to everyone who reads this and asks “Am I am why he wrote this book?  Yes.  Also to my editor Amanda Nally who guided me through this whole process and promised I wouldn’t be cancelled.  “  –  Luke Suen author of   Life in the Childfree Lane  published in 2024